In the Silence of Eyes

Shocked, she looked down for a moment and then looked up, directly at me. Her large hazel brown eyes were looking through me with full intensity. Her eyelashes were dripped with the fresh tears she was trying to hide.

Her face had an expression of raw rage but her eyes though moist was eerily calm.She looked into my eyes for few seconds but it felt like an eternity. And eventually she smirked, followed by a chuckle.

Finally she released me from her intense gaze and turned around and left, and never looked back.

She never came back, never looked at me again,never spoke a single word. The night I hit her that was the last I saw of her.

But those intense eyes of her is still very much  fresh in my mind. Telling me every day that β€œ You can no longer call yourself a man ”.


98 thoughts on “In the Silence of Eyes

  1. Such a well written story. A man cannot be called a man, if by force he/she handles the weak. Domestic violence is an ugly truth every where around the world. Glad you could bring this up.

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  2. Very relevant and well put up.
    She bloomed in his arms,
    Clasped in his care,
    Till the day
    She was perished by a slap,
    Broken by the rage,
    Till then she bowed in respect
    Now she vowed to pick up whats left
    And toe his door,
    To never return…

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  3. The agony of a woman, who has been trampled upon by brute force, has been captured well in a few telling lines. It’s sad that men often resort to physically dominate women in this day and age.

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  4. Enveloped in her silent rage,
    The silent sufferer isn’t weak.
    She’s like a bird in a cage,
    Her fortitude is divine and mystique!

    Sometimes silence makes a louder statement than venomous words. I feel sad how our society treats women not giving the respect they deserve. Wonderful post indeed!

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