Childhood Dream

Remember your childhood dream
Full of naïve innocent believes.
That foolish stubbornness
And that naughty mischief.
The confidence of conquering everything
And not knowing what failure means.
When every effort was genuine
And every pain was temporary
And when love alone could fix all things.

But slow and steadily time slips
And eventually you realized
These all are nothing
But just made believe
Those dreams shattered
When met with harsh reality.
And with time you laugh
On your sheer stupidity.

He was also like some childhood dream.
Beautiful, carefree and full of promises.
Too good to be true.
And a delight to remember
Once you outgrew.


100 thoughts on “Childhood Dream

  1. This is not a poem, but from deep within the heart of the soul. The worlds of dreams are yours, and no one can take them from you. They are yours to re-live when ever you call upon them. Take comfort in the gift of life. Our earth mother shows us from destruction comes beauty. The lesson that hurt most are the growing of your soul to reach out to others to help guide them in the hardest of times. There was a little boy who once upon a time dropped his nickel down a storm drain. He stood there looking into the drain with eyes filled with water. A man came up and stood beside the boy, and ask the boy why he was crying. When the boy told him the man said “your mistaken”….” it’s not in the drain… it’s turned into a quarter, and its right behind your ear.” The point is bad things can become good things when we learn how to look at things. There are pains, but it’s how we reflect on them. That little boy had a full bag of penny candy, and plenty to share with his friends. Take comfort when you become the teacher of your life lessons.

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  2. So wonderfully written and expressed in your poem Yeshu. While childhood dreams provide a framework for looking ahead, we learn to grow and see what is true and what deserves our time and attention and what we have moved on from. Great job. ❤️ Cindy

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  3. Yeshhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    You leave me speechless everytime with your writing.
    And this… it’s so profound. Sometimes while growing up we leave our innocent self behind. It got me so many things to think about. We will discuss that at our place ❤️
    So many things to talk about.
    I absolutely loved it Yeshhu.

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    1. And you leave me speechless everytime you write my name like this ❤️
      I am soooo happy you liked this piece. And yeah you have given me your feedback at our place. You are right sometimes such innocence don’t deserve a place in real life.


      1. I like looking into the depth of why people write poetry. Last week I wrote a 850+ word post explaining how/why I wrote a 7 line poem (that could have been expressed in 3 words). I’m like that, so forgive me if I seem to ask too many questions. 🙂

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  4. Woah…awesome…the ending stole my heart away, girl…
    Those first ones whether dreams, or people are often the stepping stones for things higher, and better. In the meanwhile keep scribbling away…🙌🤜🤛🙌

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