About me

I have read somewhere that only a writer have the magic of making someone fall in love with them merely through words not even knowing and caring who is behind those words.

This deeply moved me and hence here I am.

I am a simple city girl with too many ambitions and aspirations in mind. Tbh I have never tried my hands on creative writing space much; but it’s never too late to try new things.

I am generally perceived as a person with more of an outdoor personality, crazy dancing at parties, good sense of humour,witty replies,sarcasm and OTT attitude.

But honestly I also don’t mind staying at my room on weekends with a good book or a good music. I always come up with best excuses to cancel the plans. And I am quiet good at keeping my feelings to myself.

I think I have a mix traits of both of an extrovert and introvert personality (ambivert you can say). And this often keeps me confused of what I am and what I want. If you are fascinated by this or have the same traits we will definitely get along.

Welcome to the thoughts of the girl with a puzzled mind.

You can get in touch with me


Hope we will enjoy each other’s company. Grammer Nazis please stay away.