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I am good at advice and a sarcastic comment

Candid VII

Hey guys! Welcome back to Candid. This time my guest is Yeshu, the girl with a puzzled mind but she is just awesome. You can talk to her for hours and not be bored. She is a free spirit and full of life. So without much time waste, let’s start the interview- 1) What’s one […]

Candid VII

So here’s my interview post with The lightning bug, Sheereen. Before meeting her I had this typical notion about doctors being boring, strict and nerdy. But man..she is sooo cool, passionate and super crazy. I had so much fun having this conversation with her. Surely looking forwatd to more such collab with her.



The air around her have changed suddenly. She can sense that since quite a few days but still was ignoring it. But now she has smelled it. And it’s intoxicating. It smells like honey sweet and enticing, like wet grass captivating and overwhelming, like fresh … Continue reading Amor


It’s a struggle to keep my eyes open.Yet I don’t want to sleep.My mind is empty, numbIt’s in a different zone.Continuously humming an old song. It’s like a different entity nowSomething other than me.I don’t know what it wantsBut it’s constantly looking for somethingFighting hard … Continue reading Stuck


What to do, what not to do,Why you are always confuse between the two.This world is all facade, just fling,Lets take a leap and spread your wings. Why do you always have to find comfort in the dark,Why do you have to stop things even … Continue reading You.


There’s something in this place, something which I can’t put my finger on to. Every time I think I have been off for too long and I don’t have anything much to contribute to this platform and I totally should delete this blog and WordPress, my mind start finding out reasons and excuses. It even starts thinking about the topics I should write on and how I should manage time to come here often.

Honestly, it’s hard to maintain a professional and personal balance at this time of my life and blogging requires devoted time, which I am finding very hard to manage. I don’t even know why in the middle of the night I am writing this post, I don’t have any reason to be back here, but here I am. I think I am kind of missing WordPress

It feels so strange to get so connected to something where people don’t even know me by my real name. But I think that’s the beauty of this place. I know I can speak my mind here, and I know I will be heard. And what more can one ask. I guess I have to thank each one of you who ever read or contributed to this blog. I miss WordPress because of all of you only. I can’t be a committed writer or a reader, but I do hope to come back here again and again to read, to write, to cherish, to share, to listen and to be listened.

And I think I am gonna regret this post in the morning 🙈