I am Groot

Reader alert : This is not an informative, scientific, educational or any other post. It is a major missing ‘I am Groot’ post.

I dont know why and how but suddenly I realized that I won’t be able to watch baby Groot on Big Screens again and definitely I am not happy about it. Its the cutest thing my eyes have ever seen. Its already too bad that he is not real, why am I robbed of even watching him more.

Those of you who don’t know who Groot is , its a fictional character created by Stan Lee for Marvel comics and movies. It a tree like being and speaks a complex language which consist of only three words and eight letters that is ‘I am Groot’. The beauty is these three words can mean anything.

Now those of you who know Groot, tell me is there anything more adorable than baby Groot dancing.

Let me know if you have anything cuter.
I will wait.

And those eyes man. Innocent, cute, twinkling eyes.

Remember the happiness in those eyes when Rocket gave him a bomb to kill the planet. And the tears in those eyes just before Yondu saw him and asked him to get his fin. No matter how much they explained Groot was too excited and too cute to care.

You might be happy but you are never be ‘baby groot with a death button’ happy.

He was cute,
He was mute,
Had no root,
Had no suit,
Not a brute,
He was Groot.

Yeah, so basically I am missing a tree.

A tree which can walk, fight and speak.

This is still not acceptable right. Like, who misses a tree.

Ok this is really getting awkward now.

Ok. Now I am feeling weird.

Signing off.


62 thoughts on “I am Groot

  1. Baby groot was ultimate thug and cute as a button. I remember the scene when Yondu asked baby groot to bring back his crown. That was one hilarious scene. Baby Groot is badass. He’ll be missed. 😞

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  2. No way! Not at all awkward! I feel ya! His eyes man! I felt as if I was watching my own baby on screen. Am I going too far with this? Who cares anyway?! It’s how he makes you feel, as if you want to protect him, tuck him into bed at night and read him bedtime stories. Sigh*

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