The air around her have changed suddenly. She can sense that since quite a few days but still was ignoring it. But now she has smelled it. And it’s intoxicating. It smells like honey sweet and enticing, like wet grass captivating and overwhelming, like fresh flowers refreshing and alluring. The breeze carry some sweet tales, some promises and some dreams.

She can feel the warmth of sun on her skin. The waves of sea around her feet and a vast blue sky over her head. Her hand is spread in the air, welcoming the future. She is happy. There’s excitement, some anticipation. She feels free. She feels stupid. She feels reckless. She wants to believe. She wants to dream. But most of all, she just wants to feel. Yes, she is in love.

This happen when I was away on a vacation.

31 thoughts on “Amor

  1. Who’s the guy? Did you find him already?

    This post is so fresh, it makes me believe as if you’re giving us all some hint.

    Plus, I did that that 1000 followers thing before on your blog but I saw people commenting congratulations, I thought you got engaged.

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