It’s a struggle to keep my eyes open.
Yet I don’t want to sleep.
My mind is empty, numb
It’s in a different zone.
Continuously humming an old song.

It’s like a different entity now
Something other than me.
I don’t know what it wants
But it’s constantly looking for something
Fighting hard to keep it hidden from me.

There’s a sense of anger
Mixed with fear.
It’s like my mind have formed a body of its own
And staring right at me.
Searching for some truths unknown.

Maybe it’s time to shut everything
Maybe it’s time to start a conversation with it.
Who knows what it has to tell
Maybe a sweet tale
Or some monsters hidden under my bed.

I am stuck, tired and hopeless
The way is long and there is no wind.
But I have to try.
I can’t let my mind wander off too.
When my heart has already abandoned me.


23 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. What should I say?

    This is so relatable. First thank you for writing. I loved how it ends on a positive note and the approach is great, the way you wanna do things and not just sit back and see them happening.

    Loved, loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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