Aila, Bulbul, Fani, Amphan
Such innocent names
For the havoc they became.

The trembling trees, the dark sky
The strong winds, the heavy rain
Destruction is their only reply.

The rain that feels like falling stone
Uprooted tress and glass smashed
These raging winds are called cyclone.

Those furious wind will show what is terror
The moaning winds, the howling winds
Their cry will be etched in your memory forever.

These winds demand your absolute attention
Take a shelter, that’s the sole prevention
Because cyclones only aim total destruction.

I am from Bengal, which is known as one of the cyclone prone zones in India. We have witnessed few cyclones, one of the strongest among them was last year named Amphan. Amphan came on 20th May 2020, and it was categorized as Super Cyclone with wind speed reaching up to 260 km/hr. Naturally there was a power cut for security reason during the cyclone, and we all were sitting in the dark, terrified listening to those furious winds raging outside. I guess I will never forget the sound of those winds. The rain was so heavy that water started seeping from the walls, from the gaps of doors and windows. The glasses were all smashed, the trees uprooted. Even post Amphan for good two to three days there was no mobile network. Internet, WiFi, Satellite TV were all gone, and more than half of the city was waterlogged. Infact in some places there was no electricity for more than 15 days.

Cyclones are all the more destructive to the people who live in makeshift homes, to the stray animals and birds as it completely destroy their home and sometimes even take their life.

This year again Bengal and Odisha are going to witness a cyclone on 26th May. Exactly after a year of Amphan. It’s been predicted that this cyclone named Yaas, though it will be less in intensity but could be as destructive as Amphan. Recently the western coast of India have witnessed a destructive cyclone named Tauktae and now one more is brewing on the eastern coast of India.
There is nothing much we can do but to remain inside our homes and pray and hope for the well-being of all.

Remember the winds are strong but so are we.


72 thoughts on “Cyclone

  1. Though we have put very innocent sounding names for them, cyclones are a fierce force of nature indeed.
    The winds are strong and, so are we. I loved this. Hopefully Yaas won’t be so terrible. Take care. Stay safe.

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  2. Beautiful poem and thoughts my sweet friend from Bengal 😍

    Let us hope and pray that that Yass doesn’t cause too much havoc and destruction.

    I had lived for many years in Ranchi long long back. Whenever anything happened anywhere on the east coast Ranchi was affected.

    Stay safe. Stay blessed

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  3. Although there isn’t much we can do abt these natural disasters, but keeping a positive mindset always helps tide over the difficult times. Hope things remain normal this time and keep up the positivity. Stay safe!

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  4. Thank you for these encouraging words. Wow, I’m so sorry that you had to experience that, that sounds awful. I’ve never whitnessed any natural disasters since I live in The Netherlands – a fairly calm country regarding weather. I loved the structure and rhythym of this poem in particular – it was very cleverly written. I’ve also always wondered why they gave natural disasters such soft names like ‘Katrina’. Probably to calm people so they won’t panic.

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    1. Thanks you so much for going through the post. Last year cyclone was indeed awful. But this year the cyclone spared the main city atleast.
      I can only imagine how relaxing it must feel to stay in a fair weather country. And whatever I have heard of Netherlands…its beautiful.
      Lol. You may be right, but I guess the magic is wearing off now. No matter what their name is, we are now aware of the disaster that will come.

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