There is something reassuring about the moon
All alone in between the stars
Glowing with the borrowed light
Marked by the deepest scars
Its beauty never lie.

Like some fleeting soft and silvery dream
It changes its appearance and its gleam.
It listens to all your sorrow and sin
And yet comfort you with its silent stand
Which some human will never understand.

Wow. Its been a year.

76 thoughts on “Moon

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And thanks for sharing lovely words about the moon. I really enjoyed it. The other day I was reading about what would happen if the moon was suddenly gone and it made me happier that it exists where it is!

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  2. I felt every word of the poem, so so beautifully written by you.
    And heartiest congratulations on your blog anniversary πŸ’™
    Hope you are doing good. Take care ☺

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  3. Congratulations on your blogi-versary! And I really liked the poem – the moon does indeed leave much room for contemplation. I especially love how it changes shape throughout the month by waxing and waning. It’s almost humanlike how it groes small and then grows bigger as time passes – almost as if it’s puffing back up with pride and hope after a slim, rough patch in life.

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