Lost in the Falls

Nohkalikai Falls

Somewhere between the forest
Nature has kept a beautiful secret
Hidden safely amidst the dense woods
Yet running wild and free.

Somewhere from deep down
A gentle roar can be heard
Growing louder and ferocious
With each and every turn.

Somewhere in the cool breeze
Blowing along with the mist
Moss, dust, leaves and twig A scent of forest can be felt in the drift.

Somewhere on the pathway
A hidden trail can be seen
Full of rocks and boulders
Promising adventure in between.

Somewhere nestled in the green valley
Like a blue snake in its full glory
A slithering waterfall is visible
Rushing down through the wild flowered alley.

Somewhere in the waterfall
Sitting amidst its thunderous roar
In its own peace and foam
I found and lost a piece of my soul.

Wei Sawdong

I am a mountain person. I always like, mountains, treks and snow. But on my recent trip to Meghalaya I discovered my love for waterfalls. Meghalaya means the abode of clouds is also home to many breathtaking waterfalls. It’s a land of green valleys, foggy mountains, root bridges, crystal clear rivers, pitch dark caves, limestone cliffs, cascading waterfalls and obviously dense clouds.

Tip of Nohkalikai Falls

There is no music in the earth more soothing than the sound of the waterfall rushing down through rocks and pebbles. It’s just calms the mind. There is glory in falling, if we fall like a waterfall.

Ready to take a plunge

92 thoughts on “Lost in the Falls

  1. Sooo beautiful dear girl with the beautiful mind.

    I too love the hills and yes the sound of a water fall is heavenly.

    I so want to visit NE but have been looking for company or someone known there. Would love to know more details of the trip from you πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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    1. Every time you say this you put a smile on my face.
      North east is a gem. Its beyond beautiful. In this trip i covered Guwahati, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Laithlum, Sohra, Dawki.
      I have only shared waterfall pics. But Meghalaya have so much more to offer.

      Whenever you plan a trip make you sure you cover the numerous waterfalls, root bridge, limestone caves, Dawki river is a must go.. its soo clear you can see till the bottom of the river and also the Laithlum Grand canyon. If you get a chance please do visit this place. Its amazingly beautiful.

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  2. Wonderful poetry and I join you in a love of waterfalls ~ so peaceful and calming, the sound of water growing louder in approach while hiking. Also, dynamic, changing with season and rainfall. Always beautiful. Thank you for sharing, my friend 😊🌹

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  3. So finally it’s here. WordPress annoys us for some time, but then it does what we want it to to. I’m glad it is here, published for us.

    So, I know this thing about you, how much you love traveling and exploring. The trips with your siblings that you’ve been taking from past few years, the sisters reunion kinda trips, I know how much you love them. What I did not know was you can rhyme too, I have not seen you trying your hand on it. You used to write free verses or random stanzas, your thoughts in form of prose, but this is something new. The meter here gives poetry a flow.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us, I can already imagine how it feels to be at height, in lap of nature, away from world.
    I loved the pictures. I’m sure you must have taken a plunge after the picture and then roamed around the city all day all wetπŸ˜‚

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    1. Lol yes finally its here. I am irritated with WP.
      You already know so much details about all of my trips. I guess I have told you all the stories already. And yeah you are right I just love this trips.
      Hahaha… You think I can rhyme. Wow coming this directly from the rhyming Queen is a great compliment ❀️. I am smiling.
      You have already seen all this pictures and many more. And yeah I did plunged into that pool. And not only in this in every waterfall , every day no matter how cold it was I just couldn’t resist and jumped and then roamed around the city in that wet clothes. After all where will I get such clear turquoise green or blue water again.
      You know all the story of this trip Rashmiii. ❀️❀️

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      1. Oh yes, I was fortunate enough to get your first hand experience after the trip and also during the trip. I was equally thrilled to watch pictures and know what’ll fun you guys had.

        Write more Yeshu, it’s always pleasure reading your work ✨

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  4. The imagery gives me calmed feeling. The poem is full of adventures, nature, and filled with love.

    The waterfall. Wow. I’m just wondering how great fun you must have had listening to the sound of water.

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    1. Oh it was an awesome trip Sumit. Everyday we visited new waterfall and every fall was equally gorgeous. North East is a beauty. I just couldn’t resist and jumped in the ice cold water every time. It was amazing.
      And the pictures are not doing justice. The view was Wow.

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  5. You know it is said that before anything else you become your name first. Meghalaya is so apt in its being that many a times in only one day you feel clouds have learnt that you have arrived. They keep coming, making their own jokes with shades and sun, making it even more serious with anytime drizzles. It is a beautiful region and so are your images up here. Very intriguing and tempting for me to bathe in these small, alluring ponds. Thanks for sharing Yeshu.
    Nara x

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  6. Meghalaya is one of the unspoiled super destination for nature visit..
    It’s in my bucket list.. good to see the nature’s beauty through pictures here…

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