She was like water
With ripples and waves flowing to a path already made.
He was like a moon
Silent and ever-changing
Making her dance as per his mood.

She was like fire
With flames wild and free, spreading light and warmth wherever she is.
He was like wind
Strong, ferocious and carefree
And can make her flicker at his whim.

She was like stars
Full of shine and sparkle
Brightening and calming the dark sky.
He was like a cloud
Dark and protective
Eager to cover her from peering eye.

She was all calm, kind and foreseeable,
he was all sort of gray and unpredictable.
She is the morning, and he is the midnight.
She is the rain, and he is the desert.
No one can ever think they can be together.

But they are like the sea and land for each other.
Even though they are nearby, they seek each other.
Love is not always perfect and enough, sometimes its intense and rough.
For neither is complete without the other.


65 thoughts on “Opposite

  1. This is so so beautiful, I needed to read this today. Your words took me to a dreamy place, such amazing writing!!!!! The flow here is so magical, heartfelt and effortlessly graceful! Well done πŸ–€πŸ€—

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      1. Yes da .. lil busy .. doing fine now after an episode of covid – negative flu … a very close family still needs some help .. so hands full ..
        how are you doing ?

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      2. Thankfully you didn’t test positive. I don’t know what’s happening around. Every day the situation is getting worse. In fact this year seems more pathetic than last year.
        I hope your relative is not serious and recover soon. Stay strong HS. Sending all the good wishes on the way.


      1. Wow I like the way you connected the two posts of ours
        Socrates used to discuss for hours, “What is love.”.
        While we don’t know “What is love”, we indeed know its charmπŸ˜„ and utility to sustain the world

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