There’s something in this place, something which I can’t put my finger on to. Every time I think I have been off for too long and I don’t have anything much to contribute to this platform and I totally should delete this blog and WordPress, my mind start finding out reasons and excuses. It even starts thinking about the topics I should write on and how I should manage time to come here often.

Honestly, it’s hard to maintain a professional and personal balance at this time of my life and blogging requires devoted time, which I am finding very hard to manage. I don’t even know why in the middle of the night I am writing this post, I don’t have any reason to be back here, but here I am. I think I am kind of missing WordPress

It feels so strange to get so connected to something where people don’t even know me by my real name. But I think that’s the beauty of this place. I know I can speak my mind here, and I know I will be heard. And what more can one ask. I guess I have to thank each one of you who ever read or contributed to this blog. I miss WordPress because of all of you only. I can’t be a committed writer or a reader, but I do hope to come back here again and again to read, to write, to cherish, to share, to listen and to be listened.

And I think I am gonna regret this post in the morning 🙈


61 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. May I suggest not deleting your blog? You are questioning why you have the blog now but may want to get back into blogging more often in the future. Stick around! ☺️

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  2. Hahahahhahahahaha if you are reading this in the morning then how’s the regression!!, if it’s a word then yaa if not then, u know what I mean. There is always time for doing what you love it’s just sometimes there is aalas, other times there is life so keep doing what you love, soo happy blogging and greetings from a …. No one, 😄😄😄😄

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      1. I too want to plan out a escape. After long did plan one which went down the lane becoz of rising corona cases.

        Hahaha! Thank you! Nawazish was just a pen name🙈

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      2. Not somewhere…just around mumbai, lonavala or may be just hang around in mumbai alone. Escaping college was the priority.

        Thank you Yeshu! It means sweet too🙈🤭

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      3. Hahaha…I wish I reach a phase were I miss gym.

        I hope the same but to speak the truth it’s just the beginning again and if we continue with non abiding of rules, it will worsen

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      4. Hahaha.. you will you just have to start being very very unhealthy 😂😂😂🙈

        I agree with what you are saying. Its time to take precaution and maybe again take a backseat for sometime. But I won’t deny I am fed up.

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      5. Hahah! I too have a very unhealthy lifestyle and my work timings promote it as well🤣

        I feel up definitely. Ask me about that…it’s been around 1 year locked in campus..with no source of entertainment. We got open for a month may be. Then juniors started getting positive. Now even batchmates. Back to being closed again.

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      6. Hahaha.. then you are very close to fall in love with gym😂😂

        My god… I can feel you. Its definitely a depressing scenario. It must be difficult to keep up with things. But thats how life is going on for everyone of us I guess. It was always unpredictable but now I am finding it more unbearably unpredictable. If that makes any sense😂😂😂

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      7. Truly my friend!❤

        It always a pleasure talking to you. Hope to see you around frequently around! I should try sleeping before I turn full vampire for the night🙈

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  3. Hi! I can say that I feel the same, sometimes 😉 but I think to keep staying and writing in this platform. Because it’s one of the fewest that still is free to share my deepest thoughts. 🤗 Take care ❤️

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  4. This post is so relatable for me. I’m back after a long break and am so happy to find you back too.
    The world is incredibly fascinating. It’s hard to do everything in the limited time we get out of our work in the day! : ) I’m very happy you didn’t delete your excellent blog.

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