A Conflicting Connect

“If you are ever trapped between your heart and mind, I wish you always choose your heart.” Startled by this sudden turn of conversation she looked at him, amused “Wow!..ummm ok but from where is this coming? Why do you think I am at war with myself? And why should I listen to my heart?”

“Because you look confuse of what you want to do. It feels like you are fighting a silent battle where your mind wants you to take a step back. But your heart wants to believe what it feels. At times, I don’t understand what’s brewing in that small little head of yours”
He casually reached out and ruffled her hair.

Then pulled his chair closer and looked in her eyes and continued “I don’t think you know that your eyes often reflect what you are thinking, but your smile… your smile is different. You smile from your heart. And every time you smile at me, I know that you are mine. Look, I don’t know why you are so overprotective about yourself or how you are fighting this incredible battle, but there’s one thing I know…. one thing I have to tell you. Even I have my share of doubts and hesitations. But I have a little trick.  Whenever I am confused I let my mind wander, and you know what, it always leads me back to where my heart already is. Mind can be a smarter one, but heart has its own reasons which the brain might not even be aware of. So all I am trying to say is please give this all a chance. I want you to trust what you feel. I want you to choose your heart this one time because I am ready to choose mine again and again just for you.”

For a few seconds, her expressions were unreadable, but then she looked at him and smiled. Her heart and mind were at sync this time.


44 thoughts on “A Conflicting Connect

  1. Thankyou for writing such a post, I’m having a headache, didn’t get a thing but my heart is feeling happy and full full soo….anyways great words, great minds 🙌

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