Lets fall in love with yourself first

Today I want to talk about Mental Health, Depression and Self Love. Honestly before yesterday I have not given much thought to depression and how serious it could be. But yesterday incident of how a young, promising Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot committed suicide have left me shaken.

I am deeply shocked and disturbed by this news and since yesterday I have been thinking how fatal depression could be and how exactly it take its grip on our mind so strongly that one can end their own life. I tried hard to understand the mindset and the thoughts that lead a person to commit something like this. But I have not been able to. Still I would like to share the thoughts that are coming to my mind since yesterday.

I had always believed that people who are not strong enough to face life difficulties resort to suicide. But Sushant was no coward. He was one of the top ranker in Engineering and still he left that to pursue his dream, a career in acting. You need bravery to take such bold steps. You need confidence in yourself to go ahead and leave a set career and chase your dreams and start your life afresh. This all left me believing that he was a person with strong mindset and self confidence. And still he chose to end his life in this way.

Its high time that we should take mental health seriously. Depression can be of many forms and can be triggered in various ways. Its not necessary that a depressed person will look sad. One might look perfectly happy and content and still depressed.

We live in such a world where we only share happy perfect moments. Hiding you pain is a sign of strength. Social life is more relevant than actual real life. We always focus on clicking beautiful smiling pictures than to actually enjoy that moment.

But this is not life. This is not real. Life have ups and down, joy and sorrow. Our lives are never as perfect as our Insta posts. There is no strength in hiding pain, the real strength is in talking about what’s bothering you and facing it. I dont know from where we got this concept of a perfect happy life. But I know that this is not the reality.

Anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, despair this all are also as much a part of life as happiness. We have to learn to embrace all. And we have to learn to talk about it.

I know the world will not change in a single day. We are too engrossed in our so called perfect social life to accept the real raw life and hence Self love is important.

Every single one of us have our own battles and demons to fight and there is no escape from that. Life has its own share of challenges for all of us and its entirely on us that how we face and overcome them. Its true that everyone does not necessarily have friends and family to support. And even if one have its not essential that they are always there to support you. So at that time we have to support and love ourselves and we have to believe in our capabilities.

Lets not get deterred by the constant pressure, comparison, criticism, confusion, demands, insecurities. Lets give some time to yourself. Successfully dealing with all the problems is not practical everytime. We are humans we have flaws. But every problem, every situation leaves a lesson for us and thus prepare us for future. Lets keep that in mind.

If we can’t love ourselves enough how can we expect anyone else to love us. Lets be friends with yourself first. Talk to yourself, know about yourself. And you will find how amazing a person you are.

Lets not succumb to societal pressure, lets not succumb to failures, lets not succumb to depression.

Lets fall in love with yourself.


44 thoughts on “Lets fall in love with yourself first

  1. That is an amazing post. We need to spread awareness about mental health and positivity, and that suicide is not an act of cowardice. Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has left me broken too. I can feel you! Take care.


  2. I also feel that leaning on God and finding meaning in trying to do the right thing (as opposed to just trying to maximize personal happiness) can also lift us out of negative mental states. There’s some old saying from a Christian saint… “let me think about others instead of myself…” Myself, i thnk we need a balance. Help as much as possible without allowing ourselves to be dragged down by souls in darkness and deep distress. There are few on my radar and they can be a PITA. So I distance myself if necessary. Bad vibes rub off. At least, they do for me!

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      1. Yeah, I once told a Monsignor (when considering converting to Catholicism) that I believed in destiny. He pointedly replied, “You mean *Providence.*” I guess there’s a subtle difference there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Certainly belief in God – or in my case reason to believe in God – should not spawn apathy or lack of initiative. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. I’d add that there are significantly different understandings of “God” among religions and among adherents within given religions, which I’d say can affect and perhaps limit our interior experience (of what we believe stems from God). ๐Ÿ‘ป

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