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There is something reassuring about the moonAll alone in between the starsGlowing with the borrowed lightMarked by the deepest scarsIts beauty never lie. Like some fleeting soft and silvery dreamIt changes its appearance and its gleam.It listens to all your sorrow and sinAnd yet comfort … Continue reading Moon


She was like waterWith ripples and waves flowing to a path already made.He was like a moonSilent and ever-changingMaking her dance as per his mood. She was like fireWith flames wild and free, spreading light and warmth wherever she is.He was like windStrong, ferocious and … Continue reading Opposite


Finally, I got a glimpse of herAnd everything else got blurred.Her hair was in a bunWith loose strands falling on her face.She was crossing the road looking sideways.Unaware of my presence, like always.Everyday I would wait for her at the stop like a ritualEveryday she … Continue reading Presence