A Whirlwind Romance

With a wine glass in hand and head slightly tilted
She was softly smiling at him.
But there was something in that smile,
That smile didn’t reach her dark eyes.
Those eyes hold secrets,
Secrets mix with despair and calm.
And like a moth to a flame
He was drawn to her mystery.

There was no turning back now
He knew that his future is doomed.
But he was curious and mesmerized by her aura,
The mystery she had created around was fascinating.
He could see a rising storm behind those calm eyes
Which can turn his life upside down.
But he was ready for a whirlwind romance
For sweet nothing that could be both fleeting and lasting.


50 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Romance

  1. I love this line: “That smile didn’t reach her dark eyes.”
    There’s so much we hide from others, and sometimes we still try to pursue those secrets in others even if it might be dangerous. Fascinating poem! I missed your writing πŸ’™

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  2. God knows how the promise of mystery far outweighs that of predictibility when it comes to the phenomenon that’s called love…at least in my case … and you have captured that feeling so very well. I so loved it. It stirred a thousand possibilities inside me. Lovely…πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€œπŸ€›πŸ™

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