Mirage – Collab post

This post is in collaboration with Sidharth. Please do visit his blog Writing Rhymes. You will fall in love with the way he plays with words and rhymes. He tried teaching me the ‘abcd’ of rhyme but finally we mutually agreed to go with our individual writing style.
So hence mine is a write up and his ofcourse a rhyme.Β 

Sidharth’s Version

Reminiscently I reel back the old times
When your heart seemed as pure as the winter’s first snow.
I remember how I wanted to immortalize you in my rhymes
But now you are just someone that I used to know.

There was a time when you quenched my soul’s thirst
As I fancied your love raining in the desert of my heart.
But now those memories trouble me the worst
For you abandoned me when things started to fall apart.

You turned your back on my tear-stained face
As for help, towards you, when I outstretched my hand.
That’s when you saw me as a pathetic disgrace
& the bitterness of your venomous soul I began to understand.

Perhaps angels too have their wicked schemes
For you butchered me, with your intentions like a knife.
Now entranced in a spell of my searing silent screams
I realize the worst people teach us the most valuable lessons in life.

I see the false promises that you keep
While an illusion of you burns in my eyes.
I see you lie through your teeth
& from your black magic, I now intend to rise.

Awaking from your spell I have nothing more to say
As realistically things, I begin to view.
I turn away and I’m on my way
As darling, I realize my mistake of loving a mirage, like you.

My Version

It was a silent night. In a starless sky, the moon was unusually bright. It was a night of solitude and no one was in sight. Everything was dark and still, glistening with the silver glow. In this dark silver night a restless heart was roaming amidst the whisper of the past, in an attempt to see the unseen.

In the midst of the dark agony, out of nowhere a silver mist appeared. The frail heart thumped with a flicker of hope. A hand moved forward in anticipation to look beyond. Just then the dark veil of clouds appeared and wrapped the glowing moon. All the silver light was gone and once again the darkness was born. Like some shivering mirage the silver mist vanished. The shadow of sorrow was visible again. The silence of the night was now echoed with a painful cry.

Note: “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream” – Edgar Allan Poe. Everything is an illusion, but nothing hurts more when such act of deception comes from a loved one whom we trust the most! This collab tries to emphasize on that sentiment & is dedicated to those who have been broken in love or ever had their expectations shattered because of a mirage.

88 thoughts on “Mirage – Collab post

  1. This is a fine collaboration! Sidharth is an outstanding poet, and his poem is well-composed, meaningful, and beautiful. ❀ Your comments on the theme are very well-written and heartfelt. ❀ Hope you enjoyed working together. All the best! Cheryl

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  2. Unable to decide who wrote it better. I mean both of you did a great job and it’s actually a treat to your readers.

    Honestly speaking I enjoyed your version of it. It’s more than beautiful Yeshu✨

    Liked by 3 people

  3. A great collab post. Loved it.This verse has so much of dept to it.

    Perhaps angels too have their wicked schemes
    For you butchered me, with your intentions like a knife.

    Loved both of them. Keep up the great work

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Woah! An amazing write up, Yeshu.
    I liked the whole transition of emotions.
    Special mention: In this dark silver night, a restless heart was roaming amidst the whisper of the past in an attempt to see the unseen!!

    This line hooked me and hit at the core.🀐

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much.
      Actually we both decided to interpreted Mirage on our own and somehow we both came up with different yet same version.

      Between just gone through your blog must say its a very interesting and inspiring blog. You guys are doing tremendous job.


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