Make Believe

Love is an overrated concept. Isn’t it just an emotion like any other emotion,Β  or maybe it’s more a decision which looks like an emotion. And at times its pointless and immature so much so that now people are making money out of it. The world is not a fairy tale and every ounce of happiness is hard-earned, there is no place for this falsely created need of being loved. It is overhyped, overused and over exploited and definitely it does not last forever.

In fact there is no forever. Humans are so insecure by nature that forever acts like a safety net, a guarantee for the future that someone will always be on their side to share their hopeless boring life. But in reality forever is far-fetched and a lie. Everything including our emotions, our life even our universe is fleeting and temporary. Forever is a myth.

Life goes on. If you want to live in this fiction live beautifully, otherwise figure out how to go ahead from here.


76 thoughts on “Make Believe

  1. This is so beautiful and so true. We act like everything’s going to last forever, but in reality everything is mortal and that’s something we can’t ever forget. Lovely piece, and I hope you’re well ❀

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  2. Oh Yeshu… this is soo true.. You nailed it and life is not a fairytale so true and many “loves” will come and go but the idea in our head about romance is so enticing and luring. You’re right people prey on it all of the time.. I will tell you that while it’s true, we are independent people and for the most part birds are the only species that stay together for a lifetime, if you find someone who loves you regarless of all of your faults and flaws and you can be exactly who you are with and honor each other’s differences…… never let them go … well you’ll have to anyway but I mean in this lifetime. Too often nowadays we throw love to the wind because of fairytales that are lies.. ❀️ Cindy

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    1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts Cindy. I got your point. If there is something called selfless love and if I ever come across that I will definitely value that no matter how finite or temporary it will be.
      Honestly I know love is important but it’s not the only important thing and actually I have a problem with the fairytale definition of love that is portrayed nowadays.

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      1. You are most welcome!!! The gift of relationships that are real and selfless are that they mirror aspects of ourselves we are working on and if you find a partner where both of you can look at yourselves and grow the depth of love shifts from fairy tale to real. Few people have the ability to see that though thus the divorce rate or lying, cheating or fighting behind closed doors. You are right about the stereotypical fairytales. I work with people everyday and although it looks glamorous on paper, inside there is pain. It takes a long tone to develop real selfless love. πŸ’•β€οΈ

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    1. I agree with you. Basically the love and forever which is portrayed in books and movies is mostly fiction. And sadly we take that example in our real life and thats where the problem begins in the form of expectations


  3. I don’t live in fairytale. I don’t believe in love at first sight. But I believe in forever. I agree don’t just come it’s earned and that’s the very reason I believe it. If the love is true then it should last, if it doesn’t, it’s because it wasn’t love but a false imitation. No you don’t need love to live, but a lot of people need it to feel complete. It doesn’t have to be romance, a parents love, a friend’s or a family love, is love nonetheless.

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    1. I agree with you that love is important but I don’t think its the most important thing. And why do we need someone else’s love to feel complete. Why can’t we love ourselves enough? Why do things have to last a certain period. Why can’t something temporary be beautiful?


      1. The most important is loving ourselves of course, but for me that’s not enough because I want to give that love to someone else, as I said, it doesn’t have to be romantic. You mean to say that you don’t want your family to love you as long as they live or you to them?
        A lot of temporary can beautiful but true love can’t be temporary. My love for those who love me back will last, unless of course they do something horrible and impossible to forgive then they can forget receiving any love from me, but this would be the only reason for me why love need stop.
        I respect your opinion but I beg to differ on this one. πŸ™‚

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      2. Thanks Jessica for letting me know about your thoughts. Its always wonderful to get to know different perspective. I understand what you are trying to say and honestly I dont disagree with you completely.
        Its a pleasure to know your thoughts on the post πŸ€—

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  4. Hi, Greetings.

    This post carry very Well matured thoughts. Life is like coins both sides. One we can see and face and other we only keep on illusion or imaginations. When you give truly things will come back to you in abundance too with like minded people. Instead forever it must be contended then things get balance.

    Every one live in their choice of world and we can’t change others but at least we can make things happen for ourself.

    Keep spreading positive vibes in thoughts let the Dec bring you good health and cheer. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. You are right everyone have different perspective and takes on different situation in life. Its up to us how we want to live our life.
      Lets hope this last month of the year is full of positivity and health for each one of us. Take care.


  5. Yeshu, I agree with Cindy’s comments, pretty much everything she said! I especially agree that If you find someone who loves you in spite of your flaws, you should never let them go. (assuming that the feeling is mutual, of course.)

    I believe unrealistic expectations ruin many relationships. As you said, love is not a fairy tale. It is a partnership based on mutual respect and affection. Circumstances change. If you are unhappy and find that you now want different things in life, I don’t think you should continue the relationship. You have only one life.

    If a relationship ends, I think you should let go of any bitterness or regrets and go forward. You should still cherish positive memories because they are a part of your life and experience. You can never get that time back!

    I had two eighteen-year marriages. The first ended in an amicable divorce. My second husband died. After that, I was a single mother for 12 years. My significant other and I have been together for nearly seven years. My book, Wonders, has poems dedicated to each of the wonderful men in my life.

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    1. Thank you so much Cheryl for taking out time and sharing such wonderful thoughts. You have so beautifully summed up the whole emotions and thoughts that I was having when writing this post.
      Its so important to know when to move on or move away from certain people and certain situation for peace and happiness. I know its easier said than done But here you are telling me how you have done that and stayed strong and positive all through out. Respect.
      And you are right we can’t just remember the bad memories rather its the sweet happy memories that we should treasure.


  6. That was unequivocally expressed Yeshu… no feelings spared. Yes you are correct. Love, as is nowadays defined (clearly motivated by commercial gains) is not the true love. And it is fleeting indeed. And to tell you truth, you can love many people and things at a time too (it doesn’t happen only once ;)) But what I have found out is that all that matters in the end is whether you respect the other person or not. If you do, you’d feel like giving him/her your all. If not, then not, even when the society tells you that you’re bound to. Respect is what I feel is true love. When it ends. Love ends. :))

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