Year 2020

My travel plans are failing me

Just like I fail my workout plans.

Weird year

55 thoughts on “Year 2020

  1. Many of us are sailing in the same boat. But am not complaining yet; somewhere deep within I am hopeful that Nov/Dec will be a safe bet to travel by road (and yes lots of homework on choice of a safe place).Fingers crossed!

    My workout plans always fail hahahhahaaa……..

    Nature is giving me good company and is my driving force

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    1. Nice to know you are keeping good. We all have to find something to keep us engaged at this time.

      Hopefully things get better soon and we can get back to normal and start giving nature the due respect that it deserves.

      And as per the travel plans you have said correctly lots of safety is required in future.❀️

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  2. Its just a short break to refresh for every one and with a reminder stay healthy and safe . This season teaching more of a disciplined life style and managing stress factor can make one strong for the next season to start with big smile. You will have your wild imaginations fulfilled in the days ahead, stay calm smile and plan and dream …. cheers and wish your dreams comes true.

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      1. I have travelled every year extensively for the work and business related . Always busy and tied up each time. After christmas past year its a full break and total lock down and quarantine troubles. I get stuck in one place where i can’t move back to my home or office. Another part of life open up this season and so much to learn which i never even experience in past decades. Life goes on and to the next dimensions for sure. Tomorrow and hope always makes today brighter. Things move to the next level and normalized life style. Each one have a different story this lock down and quarantine days and months. Lets believe tomorrow will be another nice day and sun shines more brighter and bring smiles. May your thoughts and dreams realise and bring u cheer and happiness. Cheers .

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