Life in Quarantine

I was thinking hard about the topic that I should take on as my first blog post. Phew!! thats quite a pressure trust me. But then I thought to ditch this pressure and write what we all are going through in this tough times.

Now I have watched film like Contagion as well as a series The last ship which was about a pandemic breaking out all over the world. But never have I ever thought that someday I would be living this for real. If you haven’t watched any of this movie or series don’t go for it.. it’s not the right time to start watching. Trust me.

I am surprise that how this word Quarantine have slowly crept into our life and summing up our daily life. Basically this quarantine has made our life slow and steady and profoundly boring. Most of us don’t even know what day is today. We sleep and wake up as we please. Everyday is like a Sunday. Tired of doing nothing productive. So much time in hand.. too many things in mind still execution is missing.

Honestly speaking for me atleast this quarantine period did not turn out as bad as I expected. At first, like everyone around I too sulked a lot at being shut at home, not able to go out and do what I please. But then I realized sulking is not helping so I thought of utilizing this time to do things which I always wanted to do. In pre covid time (yes! that’s how we are addressing the past now) I always use to make excuses of not having enough time to pursue what I want, but now that excuse has been brutally robbed from me and here I am.

I have also realized the importance of family which I unknowingly and royally took for guaranteed. Looking back I am also regreting all those time where I ditched all awesome plan with friends, all the parties that I have missed by making up some stupid last minute excuses. (Never ever I am ditching a single plan or party from now on). And foremost of all can you imagine I have also started missing my workplace, my desk, my clients, my colleagues. I never thought I will miss them atleast. But don’t worry I still think I am sane as I have not started missing my boss yet.

But jokes apart, I guess this pandemic have given us some time to look after ourselves and our love ones. Its giving us a break from our fast tiring life. It has given us a time to sit and think what we actually want from life. Its giving us time to pursue our hobby. It giving us time to spend with parents and siblings and to do a video call to that long forgotten friend. It has given us enough time to binge watch all series which we are keeping in our watch list.

Quarantine is pain but definitely with certain gain.

Lets focus on gains


42 thoughts on “Life in Quarantine

  1. This lockdown was indeed with certain gains to me. As being a student…I was able to read a lots of story books and encyclopedias…And No school๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. If you like thriller go with Dan brown you can read his Angels and demons, The da vince code, digital fortress. Or you can also read khaled Hosseini.. be is one of my favourite. Specially his book Kite Runner. Amitav Ghosh’s Calcutta Chromosome. Paula Hawkins’s The girl on the train. These are some real good gems.

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      1. Okay..thanks a lot didi…It’s great to know as am very much interested in reading books. Lots of Love from Tanisha๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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