Broken Pieces

Things once broken can’t be fixed
It leaves a mark even if you stitch.
Let’s not mend the broken pieces anymore,
Why not collect them and get rid of all.
Suddenly an idea struck her,
There is a way out she concurs.
How about she gathers those scattered pieces,
And put them in a jar, safe from reaches.

They say Sea is deep, sea is vast,
It can surely take and bury the past.
For the first time there was hope,
Get rid of the jar there’s a scope.
The waves were crashing hard on the shore,
She took out the jar and threw it with full force.
The roaring water took the jar away,
Wow, that was easy like a child’s play.

Just then a big strong wave came running towards the land,
And left the glass jar next to her on the sand.
That crashing wave receded, and she was with her jar again,
A sea so vast and deep refused to take her pain.
There was hope once but now there’s none, one more thing breaks,
Unlike humans, the sea gives back everything it takes.


126 thoughts on “Broken Pieces

  1. Hey..that was a wonderful work..the mark remains forever but its will makes the person stronger in times.Like a Phoenix, be strong and courageous.


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