Mountains Are Calling

Hi there, if you like trekking or looking forward to trek, this post is for you.

I know it’s not the right time to talk about travel but somehow I am not able to get it out of my mind.

So broadly there are two types of travellers. One who are more interested in the lavish hotels, pools, casinos, cruise, clubbing scene, shopping, know more of a touristy kind.

And the other who are more into remote places, more interested in the nature and calm, interested to know about the hike and trails, local people and customs, try local foods. They are ready to give miss to comfort for nature.

I belong to the second category. Though I have not travelled as much as I would have liked. I had my fair share of experience. And unfortunately I dont think there would be anymore travel this year for me. So yeah, that’s sad I know. But that’s how 2020 is

Today I am specifically missing the last time I was in the mountains. As one of my fellow trekker have put up our trek video in Instagram and that really made me nostalgic. So i thought why not I write about it.

Last year on the last week of December I was on the lap of Mighty Himalayas trying to summit the peak of Kedarkantha. It was my first proper trek. Its a small trek of around five days with an altitude of 12,500 ft. , but the cold was really to watch out for as it dropped as low as – 14 degree celsius.

Snow was waist deep

When I started this trek I was only concerned about climbing and descending the mountain and gearing up for cold. I didn’t expect it to be anything more than that. But it was much much more.

It was more about knowing yourself, about meeting people from other walks of life. It was about being surrounded with the beauty of mighty Himalayas and knowing how insignificant and yet important you are.

It was about star gazing and looking for shooting stars in cold nights and about acknowledging that there is an almighty above all of us. It was also about playing ludo in torch light with friends while cribbing about cold. It was about listening to ghost stories in the dead of night and feeling a sudden chill.

It was about being friendly with the kitchen staffs so that occasionally you can go to the kitchen tent and warm yourself up in front of the fire. It was about waking up every morning and find snow in your hair. It was about to be awestruck everytime you look around. The valleys, mountains, snow, trees, frozen lake creates an unforgettable scene.

It was about almost giving up before the summit and then finding the strength and climbing to the top. It was about falling down numerous time and covering yourself with snow all over. It was about learning to be dependent and independent at the same time. It was about realizing that your imagination will fall short in front of the beauty of mother nature.It was about coming back with heart filled with gratitude

Our campsite

If I get time I will surely share my full trekking experience in details with some mind blowing photos/videos. Let me know if you want to read more.


69 thoughts on “Mountains Are Calling

      1. We had to return from the campsite unfortunately. I have been to other treks as well. But the urge of not able to do the summit of kedarkantha still hurts. Maybe some other time.
        Cool photos.

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  1. Beautiful post…I am missing my travelling days & loved this post because of my love for mountain trekking. I hope soon we all travel again!😇

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  2. Wow, this was the last trek I did in Jan 2020. Was thinking to write about it. We had to return on the last day because of very heavy snowfall. However, reading you refreshed the memories. Thank you!

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      1. I agree, we were disappointed, however has happened with me twice now, once at Roopkund too, where I developed AMS. I have been to Valley of Flowers, this is the season, to go, and the place is a treat t the eyes, especially the trek from Ghangria to Valleyof flowers. From what i read, treks should open up by Sep. Although, how many could go is still a mystery.

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  3. Yeah I’m type II too. When I travelled in India I usualy did it alone and the other Western travellers just looked like, I don’t know, trendy goofs all hanging out together in their Western – Euro vibe. This was b4 the internet so it was supremely isolationist. I did do a trek with a Nepali once, however, which was nice. And sometimes I travelled with one or two people more on my wavelength.🙂


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