Confusion is the solution

Hey… How you guys are spending your time these days? I am honestly very much confused. I guess I have too much time in hand to think about things which is ultimately leading to too much confusion.

Now my confusion is not very philanthropic . Its more related to daily regular life drama. Like what’s this new life with Corona have in store for me. I think about my job security, the bleak future, the career goals, how much pay cut I might have to incur, what will happen to the job change that I was thinking about in future and many other things.

Apart from this regular issues I am also really concerned about some other seriously pressing issues like how will I go to my favourite restaurant and order my favourite dishes, how am I suppose to enjoy Street foods, what will happen to my Zumba classes, when I will be able to booze and dance the night with my friends, what will happen to my travel plans for this year, when will I be able to watch movie in theatre and lot more.

All this have really puzzled me. As you can understand from my name I get puzzled very easily. But I have also realized one thing a confused mind does not mean that you are incompetent.

Confusion in itself is beautiful.

Confusion is the most active state of mind where you are constantly struggling to arrive at a decision by weighing all the options. Confusion means you still have options to choose and pursue, it means you still have control over your destiny.

Only through confusion we can arrive at a decision. And once the decision is made there is no turning back. You have to pursue it, execute it. There is no more scope of confusion then.

Confusion is like chaos, and sometimes chaos is what we all need.

So if you are puzzled about something enjoy the chaos. As Carl Jung has famously said there is order in chaos. So lets embrace this confusion, a confused mind does not mean a weak mind. Confusion is ok, it leads to clarity.

Be confused, Take your time think, weigh the options and come to a decision. And then don’t look back.

This quarantine I would be lying on the couch with my eyes shut, headphones on and a pile of book by my side and I am going to enjoy this chaos.


13 thoughts on “Confusion is the solution

      1. The Police were a big band when I was in high school and just starting out at uni. I guess U2 took over as the next big band… now faded into obscurity. As for Jung, his work helped me a lot when I was younger but I see him as a kind of “kindergarten student,” spiritually speaking. 🙂

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