Can I call it a day?

This is a bad bad day. If I have to rate how bad my day is going on the scale of one to ten. I am definitely on twenty. It’s a crazy bad weird day. So I have to write an important mail today to certain someone in my organization keeping CC to all the management. And that someone name is Deenesh. In a hurry I typed the mail with the help of autocorrect obviously and β€˜Dear Deenesh’ becomes β€˜Dear Dentist’! And that’s not all, instead of Regards I wrote Retards. And obviously I didn’t check what I typed and send it.

After 5 minutes one of my teammate came crazily laughing to my cabin and asked me to check the mail which I have sent. With horror, I read what I have written and instantly I wished if I could evaporate myself from this planet. My teammates are busy laughing at me, and I am standing outside my office building writing this post and trying to avoid what is coming for me as soon as I go back to office.

This day was bad from the very start. I should have listened to the early signs. After several cancel Uber, I decided to take a cab to office and halfway through, my cab tyre got punctured, and eventually I reached office an hour late. Just when the cab entered my office premises, I saw the elevator arriving and in a hurry I just ran towards it. By the time I reach the reception area, one of the security guards of the building came after me to inform that my taxi driver is yelling downstairs as I didn’t pay him the fare. Embarrassed I ran downstairs apologized and paid him the fare. The security guard kept on giving me weird looks.

Anyways I came back to office and was informed by the IT team that due to some security issues I won’t be able to access my system for at least a couple of hours. And that’s how I typed this horrible mail through my phone.

Hoping to jinx this day by writing this post and waiting for it to end soon.


65 thoughts on “Can I call it a day?

  1. Ohhhhhh!!! It happens … sh-it happens πŸ˜ƒ

    I have done some embarrassing mistakes in office emails … I have signed off with the receiver’s name … and about typos. some don’t pass a U certificate to type here…🀣

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      1. I hate auto correct too ,..
        but imagine Yeshu.. this was ten years back. It’s a pure typing mistake.. my spell check too dint catch it .. 😜everybody had a good laugh

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      2. 🀣Since you asked, try n find the answer; A single letter in β€œpublic areas” makes a lot of difference .. !!!!

        thankfully the mail β€œrecall” worked .. yet a few members had read it already .. My face was as red as a tomato!!! Your typo looks so normal in front of this isn’t it ? πŸ˜‚


  2. Everyone’s had one of those days! But imagine a year or two later, telling others about this eventful day and laughing about it! πŸ™‚

    A day like this cost me my job two years ago – but now I laugh about it, feels like it’s one of the best things that happened to me!

    Have a good night’s sleep! πŸ™‚

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    1. If an error due to autocorrect cost you your job then you are better off without it bro. What kind of organization fires its employee over a typo.

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  3. OMG Yeshu… I am soooo laughing cuz I do it all the time.. I feel your pain. I can’t even repeat some of what I’ve said. I almost lost a lifeftime best friend because of it… she died 3 years ago.. maybe I actually killed her πŸ€£πŸ€— No.. so sorry.. hang in there! ❀️

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  4. Woah… It’s been 6 days now. I hope the disaster has been well managed by now. I’ve done the mistake once, but it wasn’t cced to anyone, so I could recall and delete before it was discovered. Autocorrect has destroyed many a relationship. Beware of it.

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  5. Oh my goodness, thank for sharing this. I hate to say that I was laugh along with your team mates, but also cringing for you. You poor thing! But I like how you used it for material for your blog… that’s taking a bad thing and turning into something good.

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