Blind Date Survival Kit

Hi guys. First of all let me tell you this is a light comic and fun post. Now I believe every person above a certain age standards have been to dates, meets ups and all. Generally you go out on dates with people you have met somewhere like in some social gathering, or in a trip or through some mutual friends and instantly got a liking. Apart from that you also go on dates with people you have met online through dating or social networking sites and all.

Now all of this have one thing in common which is, you know something about the person whom you are meeting like how they look, their height, their like, dislikes, their hobbies , schooling etc etc.

But how many of you have been to blind dates?

Now this is what we are focussing on this post. Generally this types of dates are arranged by some over enthusiastic friends of yours who think that you people would be a perfect match and are not interested to listen your no for an answer. And somewhere your single soul thinks that whats the harm in trying this out, so you obliged to your friend’s demand and before you can think it through Congratulations, you are going for a blind date.

Blind dates are really tricky thing in the dating world because you have no idea about the person you are meeting and vice versa. So from my personal experience I am sharing some tips to make you better equip to handle such situation.

First of all when you are going for blind dates picking a place is the most important thing. Now for any other dates generally I advise people to go for a quiet romantic place where you can talk and know about each other but since its blind date always pick a Bar.

Now you may wonder why bar, I have the answer because it provides you a casual set up and most importantly it provides you drinks. Drinks my friend is very very important.

Blind dates are risky there’s a 50 percent chance that you will not like the person you are going to meet and if you are like me who generally hates most of the people the chance increase to 90 percent. Now suppose its a fairy tale world and you guys like each other then definitely you can move out from bar and go to much nicer and quiter place. And if you dont like the person, here’s the drinks help you.

Generally if there’s no mutual liking you cannot keep the conversation going for long and after a point there nothing left to talk about. So drinks will help you from that awkward silence. Let me give you a example from my blind date:

Let me order a drink for you


Wow, I liked what you order. Next is on me.

Come on you are too slow. Finish it fast.

Wow… This one’s hit hard

Nah I am not a beer person, lets try something new.

See the conversation kept going on and on. And yeah we had too many drinks. But that is also a plus. Now if you say anything rude or sarcastic to them you can blame it on drink. Like I am a real nice person, its the drink that forces the bad out of me.

And the best part is yet to come since you both are drunk and wasted there is no scene of the other person dropping you home ( and knowing where you live so that you can totally ghost each other out). Eventually you both can book an uber as you can give excuse of being too drunk to stay for long and Yippee! this horrid date can come to an end.

There is one more magic gem, in the worst case scenario if the other person got a liking to you even if so much had went wrong you can again blame that on drink. Like are you sure you want to go out again. We both were too drunk to actually know and like each other. I don’t think you like me, its the drink.

So see you can easily come out of any of this situation by just blaming on drinks.

Now some will say its better to be honest and mature about all this and tell your feeling upfront.

But where’s the fun in that.


36 thoughts on “Blind Date Survival Kit

  1. Bahaha! Loved this! I had a few blind dates when I was young and the person was either a card-carrying jerk, a weirdo or looked unattractive and unkempt. So I stopped accepting setups from friends and eventually met someone I liked.

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