Aila, Bulbul, Fani, AmphanSuch innocent namesFor the havoc they became. The trembling trees, the dark skyThe strong winds, the heavy rainDestruction is their only reply. The rain that feels like falling stoneUprooted tress and glass smashedThese raging winds are called cyclone. Those furious wind will … Continue reading Cyclone



There is something reassuring about the moonAll alone in between the starsGlowing with the borrowed lightMarked by the deepest scarsIts beauty never lie. Like some fleeting soft and silvery dreamIt changes its appearance and its gleam.It listens to all your sorrow and sinAnd yet comfort … Continue reading Moon


She was like waterWith ripples and waves flowing to a path already made.He was like a moonSilent and ever-changingMaking her dance as per his mood. She was like fireWith flames wild and free, spreading light and warmth wherever she is.He was like windStrong, ferocious and … Continue reading Opposite


Sometimes when I am in my shittiest mood and don’t want to talk to anyone and suddenly my phone rings and flashes your name, a smile automatically comes on my lips.

Sometimes when we talk, I forget to listen and start noticing all the small details like the way your lips curve when you smile or how your forehead folds when you are upset or how your eyes twinkle when you are excited. I have never told you, but I am partial towards the crinkle you get near your eyes when you smile. You look adorable.

Sometimes when you laugh, I tried to keep the sound of your laughter in my memory. The way you adjust your hair with your right hand and with the left hand you try to explain the reason for laughing. And the more stupid the reason for your laughing, the more cute I find you.

Sometimes when you hold my hand and lead me to the dance floor, all I hear is your heartbeat. How your hand fit perfectly in my hands and how gently, yet firmly your other hand holds the small of my back. Everything else just turns to a blur.

Sometimes when you sleep in the middle of our late night calls, I stay on call and listen to your peaceful snores and wonder how hopelessly I am falling in love with you and all these little things.

Sometimes I fear thinking of the future. What if we decided to part ways. But at those times you look straight into my eyes and I know whatever the future may hold you are mine now. And even if we ever move on to different paths, I would still smile if my screen ever flashes your name.

Can I call it a day?

This is a bad bad day. If I have to rate how bad my day is going on the scale of one to ten. I am definitely on twenty. It’s a crazy bad weird day. So I have to write an important mail today to certain someone in my organization keeping CC to all the management. And that someone name is Deenesh. In a hurry I typed the mail with the help of autocorrect obviously and ‘Dear Deenesh’ becomes ‘Dear Dentist’! And that’s not all, instead of Regards I wrote Retards. And obviously I didn’t check what I typed and send it.

After 5 minutes one of my teammate came crazily laughing to my cabin and asked me to check the mail which I have sent. With horror, I read what I have written and instantly I wished if I could evaporate myself from this planet. My teammates are busy laughing at me, and I am standing outside my office building writing this post and trying to avoid what is coming for me as soon as I go back to office.

This day was bad from the very start. I should have listened to the early signs. After several cancel Uber, I decided to take a cab to office and halfway through, my cab tyre got punctured, and eventually I reached office an hour late. Just when the cab entered my office premises, I saw the elevator arriving and in a hurry I just ran towards it. By the time I reach the reception area, one of the security guards of the building came after me to inform that my taxi driver is yelling downstairs as I didn’t pay him the fare. Embarrassed I ran downstairs apologized and paid him the fare. The security guard kept on giving me weird looks.

Anyways I came back to office and was informed by the IT team that due to some security issues I won’t be able to access my system for at least a couple of hours. And that’s how I typed this horrible mail through my phone.

Hoping to jinx this day by writing this post and waiting for it to end soon.


It’s all blur, it’s crowded.Everyone has a voiceAnd every voice is saying something.Some are shoutingSome are whisperingSome are talkingAll at the same time.It’s difficult to concentrate on one voice.I tried hard to listen to themTo understand what’s happeningBut I can only hear the voice, not … Continue reading Escape

Make Believe

Love is an overrated concept. Isn’t it just an emotion like any other emotion,  or maybe it’s more a decision which looks like an emotion. And at times its pointless and immature so much so that now people are making money out of it. The world is not a fairy tale and every ounce of happiness is hard-earned, there is no place for this falsely created need of being loved. It is overhyped, overused and over exploited and definitely it does not last forever.

In fact there is no forever. Humans are so insecure by nature that forever acts like a safety net, a guarantee for the future that someone will always be on their side to share their hopeless boring life. But in reality forever is far-fetched and a lie. Everything including our emotions, our life even our universe is fleeting and temporary. Forever is a myth.

Life goes on. If you want to live in this fiction live beautifully, otherwise figure out how to go ahead from here.